Aphids and Mustard

Cabbage aphids Brevicoryne brassicae on brown mustard Brassica juncea
The cabbage aphids are a plague, 
They suck the life from plants so fair, 
Their numbers grow with each new day, 
And soon the garden is despair.

But there is hope, a mustard plant, 
Will draw the aphids from the rest, 
And keep your cabbages from harm, 
So plant a mustard in the west.

The mustard plant is small and weak, 
But it will do the job you need, 
So plant it now, before it's too late, 
And save your cabbages from greed.

The aphids will swarm the mustard, 
And leave your cabbages alone, 
So plant a mustard, and be glad, 
That you have found this simple cure.

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